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While the mountain of paperwork seems to keep building every year, modern technology and smart solutions now give you, the main builder on-site, the option to cut back on health and safety paperwork in a way that gives you a safer site and more control of what’s going on.

Using your smartphone, HazardCo puts health and safety in the palm of your hand. The HazardCo App enables members to complete a SWMS, site review, incident report, or record a toolbox meeting – these are all done in record time and are available straight away on the Hub. All online, in real-time, and all without touching a single piece of paper.

The free version of the HazardCo App means everyone can complete inductions and scan on/off-site, so there are no excuses from the team. And because everyone on site scans on/off-site on their phone, you can see who’s on-site and when, without having to be there yourself. 

If everyone on-site is a hazardCo member it’s even better! Site inductions can be done on the App and your team members and subbies, do these on their own phone without having to tie up additional meeting time. All up, it means you have a complete record of everything – completed inductions, site reviews, incident reports, toolbox meeting minutes, on-site time for all crew members etc., all saved online and available 24-7.

A big bonus when you go paperless, is that all of your employees have a total view of on-site health and safety. Because you’re using the app every day to scan in/out of site, you’re all seeing health and safety details more often – a key part of creating a safer site. 

The HazardCo App is designed specifically for builders and tradies just like you. The smart App and online Hub put site health and safety in the palm of your hand wherever, and whenever you need. For a safer site, more visibility of health and safety, and less paperwork, make sure your team is using HazardCo.

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Meeting your health and safety requirements shouldn’t be a chore. Instead, it should be an easy, functional and productive part of your day. With HazardCo, that is exactly what it becomes.

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