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Paul Dugdale from ARCA says "HazardCo is one the systems we use every single day and feel more comfortable and confident that our team members and some contractors are safe."

Paul Dugdale

Director and co-founder - ARCA

HazardCo AU


Lydia from Cedar Estate Construction says "H&S systems should be based on what people are doing on a daily basis. HazardCo translates that perfectly with their app."

Lydia Pack

Managing Director - Cedar Estate Construction

HazardCo AU


Ryan needed a solution to help take control of his site, and give him the flexibility to focus on running his business without the stress of upholding his Health & Safety legislation requirements. HazardCo delivered a solution that he was able to quickly and effectively roll out to his team. Time and efficiency on site improved and Ryan’s visibility over the work being done, let him build his business.

Ryan Srawbridge

Our Projects Renovations + New Builds

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We wanted a faster, simpler health and safety system and that’s what we got. OH&S is never going to be fun, but HazardCo makes it so much easier to set up each site with a safety plan. It’s reassuring to know our subbies are automatically sent the safety plan and have to sign off that they’ve read it. The guys on site are happy to use the app to scan in and out each day, it’s pretty quick!

Mel Bowden

David Reid Homes, Goulburn Valley & Southern Riverina

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The best thing about HazardCo is that we can’t lose any paperwork! Everything is stored in one place, and it’s automatically saved against the job so I know I can easily find the relevant documents if I need them. Before HazardCo we were using paper forms. We’d often go to all the effort to fill in the forms, only for them to be lost or damaged on-site before we had time to scan and file them.

Ben Rogers

Samlock Constructions

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The best thing about HazardCo is the ease of using the SWMS. And even doing toolbox talks, we’ve found that it has been great with the team, and they’ve loved it. I must admit it was a little bit difficult at the start just getting guys used to it. But once everyone has been signing in and out of site, it's been fantastic. We couldn’t do without it. If you don’t have HazardCo, what are you doing with your safety on site. It’s probably the easiest App I've ever used.

John Kirton

Nexus Built

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We heard about HazardCo through our relationship with Reece. Before HazardCo we were doing paper, lots of paper, and that paper didn't always come back to me in the office. Now, it's in the palm of the hand of the guys on site, so they can do their SWMS, and then I've got direct access on my computer and there is no paper to be lost.

Traci White

Tapper Builders

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HazardCo is a timesaver and a lifesaver! It takes all the hard work out of a difficult topic and our paperwork is gone!

Kacey Sander

Horizon Projects Mackay