When Times Are Tough, Don’t Let Your H&S Slip

While many industries seem to have recovered post-pandemic, the construction sector is still battling tough conditions.

It’s important to keep on top of your business processes to reduce headaches later down the track. Whether it’s your invoicing, your insurance, or your health and safety, neglecting these things can really hurt later on. Some businesses are choosing to take this time to invest in their current systems and processes, to help them to build a more resilient business that can respond to the market.

Scaled back? 

If your business has scaled back a bit, such as cutting back on help, switching to smaller renovation projects, or you plan to really tighten the belt on the budget for a while, we’re here to remind you to prioritise your H&S. As long as you or your team are on the tools, you need to manage health and safety effectively. This means:

  • Ensuring processes and controls remain in place
  • Frequently reviewing risk management procedures
  • Continuing accurate and compliant record-keeping habits

HazardCo is the simplest, best way to nail health and safety 

The HazardCo system helps you to manage your health and safety in the simplest way possible, so you’ll feel confident you are keeping your team and your business safe. The system is designed especially for home builders, and comes with all the reports and templates you need, loaded up with advice provided by experts

Key benefits include:

  • Site-specific safety plan generator – Create a site specific plan in minutes
  • Hazard board with QR code – Workers on site scan in and complete induction, so you know who is on-site at all times
  • On-site App – Workers can complete and collect SWMS, incident reports and more 
  • Automated contractor management – Collect insurances, proof of WHS and more
  • Unlimited WHS advice – Advice and assistance over the phone   
  • 24/7 incident support – Support throughout the incident reporting process 

The Key Takeaway

Health and safety should never take a back seat. It’s still as crucial as it’s ever been and HazardCo’s here to keep you out of strife.

Get a free 7-day trial of the HazardCo health and safety system.