Time for a new attitude towards health & safety

HazardCo was formed when a couple of tradies decided they’d seen enough of the damage caused by a “she’ll be right” approach on construction sites. They thought it was high time for a new attitude towards health and safety, so they created HazardCo to make on-site health and safety more straightforward. HazardCo encourages safer sites and at the same time saves builders and subbies both time and paperwork.

HazardCo has continued to innovate with improvements to its tools and features which focus on delivering what builders and subbies need most – to save time and get back on the tools as soon as possible, while making sites safer, and helping teams reduce unnecessary incidents.

HazardCo never wants to forget this core purpose, so has its own ambassador – Joe@HazardCo, a true blue tradie at heart. As  someone  on the tools, Joe is at the forefront of HazardCo’s minds when developing new product updates, templates and tools. Joe keeps HazardCo focused on the things that make a real difference to everyone working in the construction industry today.

HazardCo’s been around long enough to grow with the industry, and with Joe’s help, will continue to make on-site health and safety both simpler and more effective. As Joe would say, “It’s a win-win mate – you get to save time, save paperwork, and have confidence your health and safety is sorted, so why wouldn’t ya?!”