The Three C’s: Consultation, Cooperation & Coordination

In the world of construction, things have the potential to get a little complicated. But this can be managed simply – just follow the three C’s – Consultation, Cooperation, and Coordination and you’re on your way to a safer work site!


The role of the Employer/PCBU

Basically, an Employer/ (PCBU) is required to ensure the health and safety of their workers, contractors or any visitors who might be affected by work operations.


When does this apply?

When there are multiple businesses at the same site, each business must do what they can, within their control, to keep workers safe. In these situations, the most effective way to manage workplace health and safety is by working together.

The Three C’s

By following the 3C’s businesses are ensuring that everyone is aware of any overlapping duties, so roles can be clearly defined and work isn’t impacted.



Consultation between businesses can help you all reach a common understanding and establish clear roles, responsibilities, and actions in relation to work health and safety.



From the consultation comes cooperation. This simply means sharing information and working together to put in place systems for managing and controlling risk agreed during the consultation process. 

Working together can increase the scope of the hazards recognised – ultimately making the site safer!



And last but not least – now actually making sure everything works well together. Businesses should be able to coordinate on what systems will be implemented to control risks.

This isn’t about one business pushing all the duties down on another, it’s about everyone involved working together to avoid duplication, or worse, health and safety risks.


The Benefits

What may seem like a hassle at first, is actually a huge benefit to life on-site.

Keeping people safe should always be the top priority on any construction site. And what’s more? Health and safety laws actually require this to be the case. Aligning yourself with other parties, and knowing what safety systems are in place is vital and can save lives.


I am a principal contractor, what should I do? 

If you are a principal contractor you must document the arrangements in place for consultation, cooperation, and coordination between all the different Employers/PCBU’s at your site in your SSSP. You should update the SSSP for the project to ensure that it deals with any changes.

Seeking advice early on how you can help develop efficient strategies, and reading this article is the first step! To know more about safety on-site, contact one of the friendly HazardCo team today on 1800 954 702.


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