The construction software that will help you shift into the next gear in 2024

Each year more and more builders are using construction software to manage their business, both on site and in the office. Building companies with good systems and processes in place (particularly digital ones) can create strong, resilient businesses that are prepared for anything. If you’re scrambling around with paperwork and manual time-wasting tasks like it’s the year 2000 check out this guide on the latest in construction software. Go digital and build a resilient business that gets ahead in 2024.

Here are some of the most popular tools that will help you shift into the next gear:



Connected Supplier Network

BuiltGrid is the construction industry’s connected supplier network. The platform helps builders to engage with existing trades, services and material suppliers or find new ones.

With access to over 9800+ trades, services and suppliers BuiltGrid will make sure you can win your next project and complete it on time and under budget, profitably.

As the market continues to evolve it can become more difficult for builders to win the projects they want.  Toby Loft, co-founder at BuiltGrid says, “Having great supplier relationships is important, but having access and visibility over the market rate is vital to winning the projects you want. BuiltGrid users are achieving cost reductions of over 9% in time, work and materials, these gains are helping them win the projects they want while  significantly boosting profits.”

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Construction management and estimating software

Buildxact is job estimating and job management software designed specifically for residential builders, renovators and trades. It’s the market-leading option for Aussie builders who want to run their construction project from takeoff to the final invoice, all-in-one place.

Buildxact continues to evolve and bring out new tools. It now integrates directly with your favourite suppliers to get the latest prices, which makes the quoting process quicker and more accurate. And a new mobile tool connects you with your on-site crew, to make sure you never miss a beat from the job site again.

Take advantage of estimating software uniquely designed for residential builders and trades. Check out the HazardCo and Buildxact New Year combo offer, running until the end of Feb 2024

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Pre-account software

Dext Prepare is a game-changer for the construction industry, streamlining your financial paperwork management. The app automatically extracts, categorizes and stores all the information you need from your financial paperwork so you can easily submit to accounting software – anywhere and anytime.

Dext Prepare’s leading-edge accuracy and rapid processing remove the need for time-consuming manual data entry. This helps you save valuable hours each week and lowers the risk of errors in your books. This is critical in the construction industry, where financial clarity can impact project timelines and budget management.

Seamlessly integrating with all main accounting platforms – including Xero and QuickBooks Online, Dext Prepare ensures your financial records are always accurate. Your data is stored securely for ten years, providing a reliable archive for easy reference whenever necessary.

With Dext Prepare handling your expenses data, you can focus more on the operational aspects of your construction business, secure in the knowledge that your financial records are in order.

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A simple health and safety system

HazardCo is a health and safety system that makes WHS simple, giving you the confidence you’re keeping your crew and business safe while cutting the time you spend on paperwork.

Paul Shelton from HazardCo says, “You can’t completely avoid the admin that comes with running safe sites but we can make it a heap easier by removing all the time-consuming parts. Lots of small builders will choose to digitize their H&S system before anything else, as it’s an easy win that’s quick to implement and has instant results. If you haven’t seen a demo of HazardCo recently it would be worth looking at it again as lots of new contractor management tools were added to the system last year.”

As the main contractor, you’re responsible for the WHS of everyone on site, not just your direct employees. HazardCo has new and improved tools to get your contractors involved in H&S.  As well as saving time, automating your contractor management processes helps to deal with labour fluctuations and provides flexibility.

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Property Information

Looking for an efficient way to search for potential sites and check feasibility? Conducting due diligence and reconnaissance from your laptop is really easy with Landchecker’s on-map functionality. 

Quickly and easily searches properties to identify key insights, such as; heritage overlays, flood zones, bushfire-prone areas property boundaries, site dimensions, zoning maps, planning permit applications, topography, precinct structure plans, last sold price and more.

Access property titles and plans at competitive prices with one click purchase. 

All paid plans now come with High-Resolution Aerial Imagery so you can analyse geospatial data for a “full-picture” view that reveals how potential development site locations/suburbs are

changing over time.

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Client budget validator 

ProCalc is a quick budget validator that draws data from thousands of residential builders’ projects over Australia.

Builders use ProCalc to accurately ballpark construction concepts in just 15 minutes from their desktop to eliminate tyre kickers & time wasters from their sales pipeline. Reduce wasted time on detailed quotes for clients who couldn’t afford the project by giving them a quick ballpark immediately before proceeding further to detailed estimates.

Builders also use it to stop under-quoting projects. If clients can’t afford their original design, easily ‘tweak’ ballpark estimates in minutes to reduce the scope so you can still win the job but protect your margins. When you’re ready, you can apply localised market construction rates to ballpark estimates to inform your final detailed estimate. Plus, builders can choose the architects/designers they’d rather work with as the preferred builder (rather than the price checker).

ProCalc was created by a builder after interviews with hundreds of registered building practitioners. ProCalc is the missing link in qualifying which prospects can afford your services – those worth investing your time in. Most builders using ProCalc say they save 2-4 days per month in estimating so they can focus on real prospects who become real, paying clients.

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Accounting software

Xero is online accounting software for your building company which makes it super easy to automate your admin. Plus, you can work from anywhere, even your ute!

When it comes to construction accounting, if you don’t do it regularly it’s easy to fall behind and things can quickly get out of control. By building accounting into your regular workflows you’re always on top of it. Xero is cloud-based and simple to use. Whether you are on-site or in the office you can access Xero on your smartphone or tablet so you’ll never get behind.

Xero connects to your bank, bookkeeper, accountant and other financial apps you might use such as Dext. 

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