Renovating: What you need to have in place & how HazardCo can support you

Did you know that if you’re carrying out renovation work the same risks apply as a new build? Whether you’re carrying out extensions, renovations, flood remedial work, large landscaping jobs etc, or you’re engaging contractors for the work, HazardCo have you covered. 

You will firstly need to think about how you will manage health and safety on-site and how you will communicate this with other people involved in the build, such as the homeowner, or other contractors on-site. This will ensure that everyone is on top of the site hazards and practicing good health and safety during your build. 

HazardCo Projects

A HazardCo Project is ordered for each significant job, such as a new house build or large renovation. They contain site-specific resources for that job, including:

  • A site specific safety plan (SSSP) 
  • A site specific Hazard Board
  • Site specific QR code for inductions on first visit and scan in/out there after
  • Resources to help you manage your on-site health and safety
  • Project overview in the ‘HazardCo HUB’ for real time on site activity
  • Ability to upload docs to be visible on the HazardCo app when workers scan into site.

How can you determine whether you need to order a HazardCo Project?

Have a read of the following 5 areas, if you meet these requirements a Project could be needed. 

  1. Are you the principal contractor? – The principal contractor is the one that creates a Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) and this should be consulted and shared with all workers, including contractors involved in the work. This will ensure workers are aware of the risks and hazards that are involved in the job at hand. Throughout the job, there should be ongoing communication between all parties, and the risks reviewed regularly on-site. For more information around responsibilities check out our blog.
  2. The cost of the project – Depending on the State/Territory you operate in, if your construction project is over a certain financial threshold, then a SSSP is actually a legal requirement. With the exception of Western Australia, where a SSSP is legally required where 5 or more persons are likely to be working at the same time on the project.
  3. Will you be engaging contractors? – If contractors are going to be engaged in the work, then a Project will likely be needed, but this also depends on the type of work and length of the job. So if you’re unsure, just give us a call and we will be happy to assist.
  4. Will you be making any structural changes? – Ordering a project and setting up a SSSP will help identify the controls that will be put in place to manage risks. Generally this type of work can take time, and therefore we recommend ordering a Project and using the HazardCo App to assist your health and safety needs on-site.
  5. How old is the building? – Any property built before the year 2003, could contain asbestos. Creating a SSSP helps identify the controls that will be put in place to manage this risk. We also recommend that all trades complete an asbestos awareness course.

Even if none or only some of the above 5 areas apply, the HazardCo app and hub can still be used effectively outside of ordering a project. So keep reading.

Using HazardCo to manage Health and Safety

We recommend that you use the HazardCo App and Hub to manage your on-site health and safety. Here are our tips to get the most out of the HazardCo system:

  • Workers should complete a Risk Assessment on the HazardCo App prior to starting work to make sure their work area is safe and the risks are being managed 
  • Monitor works occurring on-site using the Site Review feature on the HazardCo App and identify any areas for improvement 
  • Due to the nature of renovation work it is important that you consider noise and dust (examples; asbestos, silica and wood) and how you control these risks. For high risk construction work, use the SWMS feature in the HazardCo App. Ensure everyone involved is consulted during the preparation of the SWMS and have read, understood, and will follow the directions provided. You can find out more information on completing SWMS by clicking here.
  • Share and capture what’s happening on-site, and upcoming works with workers through the Toolbox Meeting feature on the HazardCo App. This demonstrates good consultation and communication with your team. 
  • Record incidents on-site using the HazardCo App. Any incident, illness or near-miss can be recorded. Check out the HazardCo Hub for your Incident Register which gets automatically updated when you log incidents using the HazardCo app.
  • Use the task function to report hazards and track health and safety actions
  • As part of your membership, you have 24/7 incident support and general support during business hours via 1800 954 702

Lastly, sometimes renovation projects can be unique and you may still feel unsure about whether you should order a project or how the HazardCo system can help you to manage Health and Safety effectively. So give us a call and we can chat about your upcoming works and how HazardCo may work best for you. So don’t be shy – get in touch with us and we’ll help you make your site a safer one.