Introduction to Contractor Management

What is Contractor Management?
“Contractor management” is a WHS / OHS term used by building companies. It’s referring to the process of checking if your contractors are competent and work safely.

As a building company, what do I need to do?
Your obligations as the principal contractor are pretty straightforward. First, you need to make sure contractors have the right skills and experience to do the job, and second, you need to make sure they are going to carry out the work safely. Once they are on board, you also need to monitor if the contractor is following good health and safety practices on-site.

Collecting evidence of this process is important so we recommend putting a system in place so nothing falls through the cracks.   

What you should be asking your contractors for:

Pre-qualification company checks once a year:

  • ABN number and company details
  • Insurance (work cover / income protection / public liability)
  • A health and safety policy and evidence they follow good processes

Pre-site induction of workers:

  • White card
  • Trade qualifications and experience
  • High Risk Work License

On-site induction of workers:

  • Have they read and agreed to the site specific safety plan?
  • Have they been made aware of any hazards on-site?
  • Are they bringing any hazards on-site?

On-site health and safety:
As a yardstick, good health and safety on-site would be your contractor completing at least two Toolbox Meetings and four Risk Assessments a month plus a SWMS any time high-risk construction work is carried out. 

How to stay on top of all these checks:
When you’ve got a lot of contractors coming and going, it can turn into a bit of a headache trying to stay on top of checking all these documents.  We’ve created a simple, automated system to nail contractor management. Your contractors will receive automated reminders to provide the required documents and you will get alerts if someone scans-into a site who hasn’t been approved. That way, unless you hear otherwise, you can be sure everyone on-site is good to go. 

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