Introduction to Contractor Management

It’s important to build health and safety into contract management.


Whether you are engaging a contractor, being engaged, or just working alongside others on-site,  you all have health and safety responsibilities. Everyone should have a process in place to assess the risks on-site and should be sharing that information with others you are working with.


How can businesses work together at the same location?

Everyone needs to consult, co-operate, and co-ordinate with each other. Ways they can do this is by:

  • Identifying the health and safety risks that need managing
  • Plan ahead, by thinking through every stage of the work
  • Recognise how the work could affect other businesses and the public
  • Agree together which business is best placed to control each risk
  • Clearly define roles, responsibilities and actions, and explain these so everyone knows what to expect
  • Do reasonable monitoring, to make sure the arrangements are working

Three things to look at when choosing a contractor, or that a principal contractor might look at when choosing you:

  • Collect key information about a contractor to assess their health and safety capabilities – this is usually called a pre-qualification, we will go into more details about this next week
  • Exchanging of information, such as:
  • Providing scope of work to the contractor and key health and safety information, like a SSSP (Site Specific Safety Plan)
  • The contractor providing key health and safety information relating to the job, such as a SWMS for high-risk work
  • Completing Site Inductions via the site-specific QR code
  • Planning and monitoring 
    • Planning the work and sharing this information through the Risk Assessment, and Toolbox Meeting features on the HazardCo App and the hazards on the HazardCo Hazard Boards
    • Monitoring the planned work through the Site Review feature on the HazardCo App, and updating the hazards on the HazardCo Hazard Boards.

What does practicing good health and safety look like?

HazardCo recommends that as a builder, you should be completing at least 2 Toolbox Meetings and 2 Site Reviews per site, per month, and as a subbie, you should be completing at least 2 Toolbox Meetings and 4 Risk Assessments per month to demonstrate good health and safety practices


Sharing your on-site activity

Everybody should know what’s happening on-site and have a record of this. 

HazardCo makes it easy to share on-site activity with the main builder using the QuickShare feature on the HazardCo App. Whenever reports are created while you are scanned onto a HazardCo site, share this new activity instantly by submitting with QuickShare to add on-site activity to the main builder’s Hub, as well as your own. You’ll have total visibility of what’s going on. 


Working along other businesses is a natural part of residential construction. Everyone on-site has a duty to open up the lines of communication and look out for each other.


Meeting your health and safety requirements shouldn’t be a chore. Instead, it should be an easy, functional and productive part of your day. With HazardCo, that is exactly what it becomes.

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