For up-to-the-minute H&S get on HazardCo’s digital system

With HazardCo, you don’t need to be on-site to know what’s happening. At the click of a button, the HazardCo Hub will show you who’s on-site, and it’s all available to you at any time, from anywhere. 


It all works using a QR code:

  • When you create a new Project in the Hub, it automatically creates a site specific QR code.
  • Your site hazard board arrives with the QR code printed on it.
  • Every time someone enters or leaves your site, they scan the QR code using the free HazardCo App then the App sends the info to your Hub.
  • The QR code links activity to your project, and the details of who has scanned on/off site is stored in your Hub straight away, so you can see on-site health and safety activity as it happens.


Likewise, any H&S reports created on-site via the App are updated to the Hub straight away. This includes:

  • Scanning on/off site, so you know who’s there at any time.
  • Site inductions as soon as they’re completed.
  • H&S reports completed by members of your team via the App e.g. Toolbox Meetings, Site Reviews, Risk Assessments, SWMS, and Incident Reports.
  • Any completed H&S activity shared by your subbies… yes, if they’re HazardCo members they can easily share their reports straight from the App into your project on your Hub.


The QR code is the link between all on-site H&S activity and your project in the Hub. When you get everyone on-site using HazardCo’s digital system, you’ll always have a real time view of the activity happening on your site, even when you can’t be there yourself.