Effective Contractor Management

An important part of ensuring a healthy and safe environment for everyone on-site is to have effective contractor selection and management.  The following key steps should be followed by the Principal Contractor:


  • Consider health and safety risks prior to selecting contractors
  • Discuss the project with potential contractors to make sure they are capable
  • Document the process and store it in the HazardCo Hub


  • Ensure prospective contractors have effective health and safety procedures in place
  • Keep records of contractors’ prequalification
  • Select the contractors based on prequalification outcome and any other factors including availability, skills, etc


  • Create a Project in the HazardCo Hub, which creates a Site Specific Safety Plan, QR code, and Hazard Board. Share the information with contractors.
  • Ensure induction expectations are understood by all workers, contractors, and visitors.
  • Ensure all contractors have reviewed and agreement is reached and documented.

Monitor and Review

  • Regular communication regarding health and safety performance (e.g. Toolbox Meetings, Site Reviews, Site Inductions, etc.)
  • Investigate any incidents and follow up on any outstanding issues.
  • Regular review during the project lifecycle (e.g. Site Reviews)
  • Post contract review – It’s good practice to review the performance of your contractors at the end of the project. 


Stay on top of these checks with an automated system.

When you’ve got a lot of contractors coming and going, it can turn into a bit of a headache trying to stay on top of checking all these documents. HazardCo has created a simple, automated system to nail contractor management. We will send reminders to complete / submit required documentation, you will get alerts if someone scans into a site that hasn’t been approved, and we will even send notifications if the documents are about to expire. Unless you hear otherwise, you can be sure everyone on-site is good to go. 


Contractor Management Free Trial is now available – Give it a whirl.

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