Document risks, and keep on top of everything from toolbox meetings to site reviews – with none of the paperwork.

The HazardCo App allows you to manage health and safety simply throughout your working day. Inductions, risk assessments, site reviews and more – all from your back pocket.

Working on a HazardCo site? Induct yourself, scan onto site and manage your day the right way. One system, all corners covered – in your back pocket! What are you waiting for?

All You Need and Nothing you don’t

QR Scanner

Make inducting and signing in and out of site a breeze. Everyone scans onsite via the QR code and acknowledges and accepts to follow the site specific safety plan.

Site Review

Carry out a thorough health and safety review of your site, capturing any hazards with photos and comments. The app will even educate you on what a safe site should look like.

Risk Assessment

For any risks that pop up as the project progresses. Before starting a new task, our Risk Assessment feature allows you to identify any hazards that need to be controlled.

Toolbox Meeting

Keep note of site hazards, upcoming works, team feedback and even take a photo to record who attended. Handy for making sure everyone on-site is up to speed with the latest goings-on.

Vehicle Checklist

A quick check-up on your vehicle. Great for keeping a log of road user charges, KM’s, service due dates and checking the general health status of your vehicle.

Report Accident

For any near misses or accidents, report who was involved, if medical treatment was required and what exactly happened. The HazardCo accident support team are also on hand 24/7.

My Reports

View completed site reviews and risk assessments, all in one convenient place. The best part? Zero paperwork.


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The support you need from people who know their stuff. The HazardCo team are experts in health and safety, with hands-on experience that you can trust.

Unlike other health and safety companies, we are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any accident related queries. If you have any other technical health and safety questions you can call as many times as you like on our 0800 number between 8am – 5pm

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