Task Analysis: What you need to know

Task Analysis (TA) is an important tool in your health & safety toolbox. It helps you to break down complex tasks into smaller, manageable steps while ensuring safety and efficiency. In this guide, we’ll explore what TA is, when and why it’s used, how to complete one effectively, and the benefits of using digital platforms for streamlined TA management.

What is a TA? 

A Task Analysis (TA), also known as a JSA or SWMS, breaks complex tasks into a sequence of smaller steps and actions. They are used as a planning tool to make sure all risks and controls are identified and appropriately managed for your job. A Task Analysis should describe how you plan to complete the job safely and proves that you are managing the risks effectively.

When should I use a TA?

A Task Analysis should be used to identify and assess the hazards before each high-risk job to reduce the risk as much as possible. For repetitive tasks, you don’t need to create a new Task Analysis each time, as long as the prepared Task Analysis is relevant to the work being completed and understood by all persons involved.

Why should I use a TA?

Completing a Task Analysis helps to make sure  all risks and controls are identified in each work step to improve safety and performance. It also ensures that the correct tools, people, and processes are identified before you start the job which minimises the risk of injury, provides a clear understanding to workers, and increases productivity.

How to complete a TA?

To complete a Task Analysis, carry out the following steps:

  • List the hazards relevant to the task 
  • Choose the most effective risk controls following the control hierarchy

Remember the Control hierarchy is: 

  • Elimination involves removing the risk to health and safety from the worksite. It is the most effective risk control and should always be prioritised.
  • Minimisation is used when a risk cannot be eliminated. This is done using: substitution, isolation, engineering, administration, and PPE

flow of the hierarchy of control from Elimination to PPE

  • Identify each step in the work task from beginning to end
  • Involve everyone all persons who will complete the work task in the control choices so they know what is expected of them to complete the tasks safely and that they have a good sound understanding of the control measures.
  • Review the Task Analysis regularly, and get feedback from workers to ensure the control measures remain effective.

What’s the benefit of having your Task Analysis available in the HazardCo App?

It’s a simple and easy to repeat approach, where you can:

  • Simply complete TA from any mobile device
  • Complete them on-site, in real-time at the touch of a button
  • Keep the team informed by emailing your TA to everyone involved

Manage subbies? If you are on our Premium, Complete or Project plus tiers you can even digitally collect TA’s from subcontractors without the fuss!

Task Analysis in the app is faster, simpler, and repeatable. 

The TA template on the App guides you through a step-by-step creation process. It gives you the confidence that the potential hazards have been thought through, and that the appropriate controls have been put in place to eliminate risk where possible or minimised.

You can create a Task Analysis template in preparation for your upcoming works. This template can be updated with the job specific details. Creating a Task Analysis before arriving at the site and customising it for each job will set you up to quickly communicate with the team, manage the risks and get on the tools. When making your templates avoid ticking controls you won’t implement. The suggested controls list is not exhaustive, so make sure to include any additional controls you plan to use. 

Once you have selected your hazards, the controls you will implement, and noted the steps you will follow to complete the task, hit SAVE. A HazardCo Task Analysis is then created, emailed to you, and saved securely in your App and Hub so you can easily share it with the main contractor and anyone else you may need to coordinate with.

If you need a hand getting started or would like more information on the HazardCo app read this blog or get in touch with the friendly HazardCo team today on 0800 555 339.

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