Smart reasons to get everyone scanning in and out of site, every day

The start of a new year provides you with the perfect opportunity to set new site rules or request changes from your direct team and your subbies. Thinking about the year ahead, why not ask for their support in keeping the site safe – it’s simply the right thing to do for them and for you. Better yet, it’s easy to get started to simply scan in/out of site every day.


As the main builder on-site, one of the timesaving HazardCo tools at your fingertips is the site-specific QR code located on your HazardCo Hazard Board. Getting everyone to scan in and out every day benefits you because:

  • Even if you’re not on-site you still know who is – and it’s all saved in your HazardCo Hub so you can check the site history whenever you need to.
  • Anyone scanning in for the first time can complete their own site induction – without needing your time or any paperwork.
  • Simply scanning in gives people a constructive daily reminder to beware of health and safety – and we all know the more we think about it, the more we look out for and prevent risks.
  • Getting everyone’s participation shares the health and safety responsibility with everyone on-site.


If previously you’ve had subbies or team members who don’t use the QR code to scan in/out daily, here are a few ideas to get them using the QR code regularly:

  • Simply stating your expectations for the year and how you expect this of everyone on-site is a good way to start.  
  • Use your next Toolbox Meeting to walk everyone through the process of scanning in and out using the QR code on your Hazard Boards, making sure the team has the HazardCo App downloaded and set up.
  • If you need to use some incentive, maybe shout the team pizza and a cold beverage on Friday afternoon if everyone scans in and out every day that week… it gets the team working together to remind each other.
  • You could make it part of your contract with any new subbies, and add it to the employment agreement you have with your own team. Or, go a step further and require subbies to be HazardCo members in order to win contracts on your projects.


There are lots of good reasons to get everyone scanning that QR code so get your team on board with it today.


Meeting your health and safety requirements shouldn’t be a chore. Instead, it should be an easy, functional and productive part of your day. With HazardCo, that is exactly what it becomes.

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