Client Inductions – What you need to know

Inductions are a way of ensuring workers and clients are aware of the risks and hazards that are involved in the job at hand, conducted at the start of each new job, or when returning to a clients house post the COVID-19 lockdown.

It is important that you induct your clients prior to starting the job, advising them about the health and safety guidelines that need to be followed for your work area, even when it’s their home. The new client inductions will also ask three COVID-19 safety questions, which will help you to 

identify the risks that you will be bringing into their home and help you both maintain your bubbles while the work is being carried out. 

We suggest that you carry out this induction before going to the job. This way you can identify whether it is safe to go ahead with the work under Alert Level 3.

If they are unable to complete this beforehand, you will need to ask them to complete the induction before you start the job. When you arrive at the client’s home, get them to scan the QR code on the Team Pack Box using their own phone. Avoid using your phone for hygiene reasons.

Below are some quick tips for maintaining your bubble and carrying out the job safely:

  • Complete a COVID-19 Task Analysis here before starting the job
  • Get the client to complete an induction including the COVID-19 related questions
  • Wash your hands prior to entering your client’s house
  • Carry out a Risk Assessment using the HazardCo App
  • Set up your work area including displaying the Hazard Board on your Team Pack or setting up a barricade to physically keep people out of your work area
  • Keep a minimum 2m distance from everyone at all times, however, in your work bubble you can carry out work at a minimum 1m distance if the task requires it and this is documented
  • Disinfect any equipment that is shared between workers or areas that you have been working in
  • Avoid using shared spaces like kitchens or bathrooms
  • Wash your hands periodically throughout the day eg. before and after meal breaks and before you leave your job.

If you are working alone we suggest that you set up a procedure to regularly contact someone throughout the day to check-in that you are safe,

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