Health and Safety made


Protect yourself, your business, your team

The HazardCo system is the easy and effective way to establish a health and safety system tailored to your workplace. Each system includes practical tools, a customised health and safety policy, a set of health and safety procedures and 24/7 access to expert support. It's health and safety made simple.

Health and Safety Accident Support 24/7

Peace of mind anytime, anywhere. As a HazardCo member, you can access accident support and management advice 24/7 via our 0800 number. If you report an accident, one of our Health and Safety Technical Team will help you through the reporting and investigation process.

Access to Health and Safety Experts

Got a question? Just call us. Working out the practical application and implications of health and safety requirements can be a headache. Register for the HazardCo system and you get unlimited access to qualified health and safety experts, at no extra charge.

Health and Safety Made Simple

Health and safety requirements are increasingly complex not just for construction, manufacturing and agriculture, but for office-based businesses as well. HazardCo makes its system as simple and practical as possible. You receive clear visual resources and documents written in plain English.

Cost-effective, Tailored Systems

You get a complete tailored health and safety system, saving you time and money in the short-term, and reducing the long-term cost to business of work-related accidents, injuries or illnesses. All round, the HazardCo system is a cost-effective way to ensure everyone goes home safe at the end of each day.