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QR Codes: What to use and when


You have been asking us about  NZ COVID Tracer QR Code and what this means for you. 

The Government updated us yesterday that from August 19, ‘All businesses and services must display an NZ COVID Tracer QR code at the entry for each of their premises’. Here’s what you need to know:

Health and safety on-site is still as important as ever and you still need to ensure everyone on site is acting safely. This means you will still need new or returning contractors/visitors to complete your site induction through HazardCo, as well as scanning in and out each day. 



Do I need to use both QR codes?

It’s been confirmed by CHASNZ that as well as your HazardCo QR code for managing your health and safety, all businesses must also display an official QR code for the NZ COVID Tracer App. As per our email yesterday, this means you will need to use HazardCo QR code for your site safety, and the official COVID QR code for contact tracing purposes and to receive health alerts for each of your sites. You can create your Government QR code by clicking the button below.

What’s the difference between the Government and HazardCo QR code? 

The Government QR code is built for contact tracing purposes only. It does not allow you to manage health and safety on your sites. Meaning, as long as your sites are open for business, it’s business as usual and the HazardCo QR code needs to remain in use. 



How do you contact trace when on the move? 

If your workplace consists of going to other people’s houses, building sites, or business it can be hard to “display” the Government QR code tracker. In this case, it is more important that you keep a record of all the places you visit. To make it super easy, you can do this directly on your HazardCo App by completing a ‘Risk Assessment’ at the start of each job. As soon as you start a new risk assessment it will ask you key contact tracing info – all of which will be saved in the HazardCo Hub. 

Do I need to use both QR codes?

The HazardCo Risk Assessment meets contact tracing requirements when you are out and about, however, we strongly encourage you to download the Government COVID QR scanner and scan into any business or premises that has the poster displayed on entry. This is another way to help to keep track of where you’ve been and will allow our health services to quickly trace contacts if the business is exposed to a positive case of COVID. 


As more information becomes available we will continue to keep you updated on how this affects you and our construction industry.

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