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Have you completed your COVID-19 TA?


We want to check in to make sure you’re all good and have everything you need to work safely in a COVID-19 world.  There’s been a heap of learning and understanding of processes and procedures over the last couple of months, and we know it can be a lot to take on!

With this in mind, we want to make sure you’re confident with new processes alongside the key focus of managing hazards and risks – all of which you can manage by completing a COVID-19 Alert Level 2 Task Analysis! 


Create your COVID-19 Safety Plan

The HazardCo COVID-19 Alert Level 2 Task Analysis covers general hazards and controls to manage risk such as:

  • Worker health 
  • Hygiene
  • Cleaning
  • Physical interactions
  • Communication
  • Record keeping


Going through and completing this TA with your team will provide you all with a general overview of how tasks will be managed in the workplace. If the work or workers change while the activity is underway, it’s important to review the TA and make sure everyone is updated on the changes. 

Once you’ve filled it in, it’s important to remember to share this with your client and contractors to show them you’ve considered and are taking all the practical steps to ensure the safety of your workers and others that the work could affect. 

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