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A SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) is a fundamental for high-risk construction work. That’s why we have created a simple and easy to repeat approach. All you need to do is fill in the details and press submit.

Why you need a SWMS?

A SWMS is designed to help you and your team to manage high-risk construction work. 

First you identify the hazards, next you choose the controls that will be used and finally you share this plan with everyone involved. This way you keep everyone safe on-site.

Using the HazardCo App, you can now do all of this on-site, in real time and quickly share by email. As SWMS are digital, they can be completed as many times as you need, at the touch of a button!

Watch our explainer video below to see how to create yours.

How does it work?

It all starts with the HazardCo app.

  • Open the HazardCo App and create a new SWMS.
  • Enter the site you’re at and the work activity you’re completing.
  • Select the applicable high-risk construction work from the drop down menu.
  • Next, you’ll need to select the hazards and equipment on-site and the controls and PPE you’ll use to manage them.
  • List the tasks in order of how you’ll complete the work.
  • Hit submit. Receive your SWMS document – and you’re good to go.

The PDF version of your SWMS is automatically saved in the SWMS tab in the HazardCo Hub and emailed to you ready for you to send to anyone who needs it. Easy as.

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