What to do if a worker tests positive for Covid-19 – New South Wales

As you head back to work after the break it’s important to make sure your building sites are Covid safe to minimise the chance of transmission and downtime. If someone you work with tests positive for Covid-19, here’s what you need to know.

Keep your sites Covid safe:  

  • Make sure everyone scans in and out of site each day using the HazardCo App. This will let you know who was on site and when, if someone tests positive for Covid-19. The App will also ask all workers a number of declarations about if they have Covid-19 or should be isolating.  
  • Support workers to get tested and stay home even if they only have mild symptoms such as a runny nose or sore throat.
  • Reduce the chance of COVID-19 transmission by improving work site ventilation. Open doors and windows, turn on air conditioning units and ceiling fans, and add a portable fan to areas that don’t receive any airflow.
  • Masks must be worn when working inside.
  • Consider keeping groups of workers rostered on the same shifts at a single worksite and avoid any overlap of workers during shift changes where it is practical to do so.
  • Maintain a distance of 1.5m where possible.

What to do if a worker, contractor or site visitor tests positive for Covid-19:

  • Complete this Covid-19 Risk Assessment to work out your next steps.
  • Based on the Covid-19 Risk Assessment, contact the affected Workplace Contacts and let them know if they have symptoms they must use a rapid antigen test (at home test), or get a PCR test if they can’t access a rapid antigen test. This is your responsibility as the principal contractor. Remember to keep the identity of the Covid positive person private.
  • Submit an Incident Report in the HazardCo App, select Illness as the “Type of Incident”
  • You will need to report an incident to Safe Work NSW. Find out more and report the incident here.
  • Send this NSW Government advice to the person with Covid-19 for guidance. 

Check out the HazardCo Confirmed Case guide

We’re here to support you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our advisory team if you would like further information on the Covid-19 restrictions and how they impact you. Give us a call on 1800 954 702 or email info@hazardco.com.

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