Queensland COVID update: Carns and Yarrabah lockdown

The Queensland Government has recently clarified how the Covid-19 restrictions impact construction in Cairns and Yarrabah, here’s what you need to know. 


Construction has been deemed essential and remains open. This includes new home sites, new apartments, commercial buildings sites, other types of building where the premise is unoccupied by homeowners or business owners. 


However, if the premise is occupied, only essential or emergency building and construction works can continue.

  • Make sure you limit interactions between your workers and any clients, occupants, staff, or visitors to the site you are working at.


Renovation, maintenance, and service work will only be considered essential and can continue if it is:

  • Renovations, repair work, or maintenance work being done to make the property safe and functional.
  • Where the work is outside the home and you have very limited contact with the occupants – i.e. external concreting or external painting.
  • Service trade work such as plumbing or electrical that is essential to the property, i.e. genuine emergencies to maintain fresh water and electrical supply to a house/ business.



If you leave home you must wear a mask at all times. This includes construction sites as long as it’s safe to do so. 


Extra advice for members

  • Remember to make sure everyone on-site scans in using the HazardCo app. You will need a record of who is on-site to assist with Covid-19 contact tracing.
  • Ensure your COVID-19 plan is up-to-date
  • Implement hygiene measures – hand wash, sanitiser, and cleaning protocols
  • Ensure social distancing measures are in place and enforced
  • Limit numbers of people doing tasks to only those necessary
  • Schedule work so that numbers of people in the same place are limited
  • When dealing with homeowners – ensure that you only undertake work that is essential, and send only those people who are needed to perform the work.


We’re here to help, so reach out if there’s anything you need. You can contact us on 1800 954 702 or email info@hazardco.com.

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