The construction software that will help tradies run their business in 2024

New digital construction software can give tradies the edge they have been looking for by giving them the opportunity to run their jobs more efficiently. Tradies equipped with good digital tools are able to tackle any job or challenge more efficiently, saving both time and money. If you find yourself buried in paperwork and manual tasks like it’s the year 2000, check out this guide and upgrade your digital toolbox to make your life easier! 

Here are some of the most popular digital solutions that will help you shift into the next gear:

Cartrack NZ
Fleet management solutions

Cartrack NZ is a leader in delivering comprehensive fleet management solutions, with a strong emphasis on enhancing health and safety across New Zealand’s business sectors. It distinguishes itself with a flexible approach, offering its vehicle tracking and fleet management services without any fixed contracts,  gaining customers’ loyalty through exceptional service rather than binding agreements. Dedicated account managers provide tailored support, focusing on leveraging Cartrack’s robust GPS tracking technology. 

This system is crucial for ensuring real-time monitoring of vehicle locations, which is essential for improving safety and operational efficiency. Furthermore, Cartrack’s  Auto-RUC solutions simplify compliance with regulations, aiming to reduce administrative burdens and streamlined fleet management. Additionally, Cartrack’s advanced fuel management features offer critical insights, aiding in the detection and prevention of fuel fraud, further enhancing operational integrity and cost-efficiency. By prioritising health and safety in its suite of services, Cartrack NZ empowers businesses with the tools needed for safer fleet management and compliance, reinforcing its commitment to safeguarding employees and assets.

Dext prepare
Pre-account software
Dext Prepare is a game-changer for the construction industry, streamlining your financial paperwork management. The app automatically extracts, categorises and stores all the information you need from your financial paperwork so you can easily submit to accounting software – anywhere and anytime.

Dext Prepare’s leading-edge accuracy and rapid processing remove the need for time-consuming manual data entry. This helps you save valuable hours each week and lowers the risk of errors in your books. This is critical in the construction industry, where financial clarity can impact project timelines and budget management.

Seamlessly integrating with all main accounting platforms – including Xero and QuickBooks Online, Dext Prepare ensures your financial records are always accurate. Your data is stored securely for ten years, providing a reliable archive for easy reference whenever necessary.

With Dext Prepare handling your expenses data, you can focus more on the operational aspects of your construction business, secure in the knowledge that your financial records are in order.

Construction Management  

Fergus stands out as the ideal construction management app for builders by offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline the entire job management process, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget. The platform simplifies job tracking and management from start to finish, allowing builders to set jobs up for success by reducing double handling and automating administrative tasks. This ensures all job-related information is centralised, enhancing efficiency and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Dan Pollard, Founder of Fergus, says, “Fergus is the operational backbone of trades businesses, taking care of the day-to-day and providing complete clarity and control. We’re giving business owners and managers the time and insight they need for the business to grow and succeed.”

Fergus enhances construction management by offering real-time updates on job records and team locations, ensuring seamless communication and project tracking. This visibility allows for effective resource optimization and planning, keeping projects on schedule. Its financial management tools enable builders to monitor profit and loss, forecast accurately, and prepare for seasonal changes, ensuring financial stability. By facilitating informed decision-making and improving project efficiency, Fergus proves to be an essential tool for builders aiming to grow their business and sustain profitability.

Construction Management 

FieldPulse is the all-in-one FSM solution designed for trade businesses looking to scale. The platform is built to help you streamline operations, grow revenue, find business insights with ease and ultimately impress your customers.

Features such as easy scheduling and dispatching can save businesses an average of 5-10 hours per week. FieldPulse also helps you keep track of full customer history, manage inventory, customer communications and more. With a full suite of features and customizable workflows, FieldPulse customers boast an average of 57% YoY growth in their first year using the platform.

With a best-in-class customer success team that will set you up for success from day 1, business owners can be confident that FieldPulse will be their partner every step of the way.

A simple health and safety system

HazardCo is a health and safety system that makes health & safety simple. Giving you the confidence you’ve got your health and safety covered while cutting the time you spend on paperwork. 

With the HazardCo app in your back pocket you’ve got access to guided templates and reports, along with policies and procedure documents and 24/7 full incident support by our qualified advisors if and when you need it. It’s a comprehensive but simple way to make sure you have everything sorted! 

Paul Shelton from HazardCo says, “You can’t completely avoid the admin that comes with running safe sites but we can make it a heap easier by removing all the time-consuming parts. Lots of tradies will choose to digitise their H&S system before anything else, as it’s an easy win that’s quick to implement and has instant results. If you haven’t seen a demo of HazardCo recently it would be worth looking at it again as lots of new tools were added to the system last year.”

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