Scaffolding: When you should use it and why

When it’s not possible to work from the ground, the use of scaffolding is highly recommended to complete those at height tasks. Generally, any building, demolition, or at height repair works will require scaffolding.


Scaffolding has several benefits; 

  1. Safety: Scaffolding is there as a secure structure for those working at height, providing a flat and balanced working platform that allows multiple workers to work at the same time.
  2. Access: With scaffolding wrapping areas of a building, it allows people to access parts of a building that may have been unattainable beforehand, such as wall or section of the roof.
  3. Positioning: With scaffolding, workers are smack bang in front of the area they are working on. No need for getting into awkward and unsafe positions.


There are other height equipment available such as;

  • Mobile Elevating Work Platforms
  • Podium platform ladders
  • Safety nets
  • Soft landing systems
  • Fall arrest systems


Doing a thorough risk assessment is key to determining what the right equipment for the job will be. Use this table as a guide for your choice of height equipment.


As always if you would like to discuss your health and safety requirements further please call our Advisory team on 0800 555 339, extension 4.