Prequalification – What you need to know

Have you been asked to complete an external pre-qualification?


Prequalification is a process that can help determine how well contractors manage health and safety. It asks businesses to demonstrate an effective health and safety management system and asks them for information on managing specific risks. You can also use pre-qualification as an opportunity to assist and support contractors to improve their health and safety practices.


It’s important that you have an active health and safety system, including evidence to support this, to be able to successfully complete a pre-qualification.


You don’t need to complete an external pre-qualification if you haven’t been requested to, you can easily manage this internally. If you are unsure how and want some guidance on this, we can provide the tools that you need to complete a pre-qualification yourself  – just give our Advisory Team a call on 0800 555 339. 


Our Advisory Team has a help guide that steps you through the typical questions you would see in an external pre-qualification and how the HazardCo system can support you. E.g how to manage inductions on site, communicating with your workers, how to complete risk management. Keen to access this resource? Give us a call on 0800 555 339 or email


If you need help preparing for an external pre-qualification, we can offer this through HazardCo Services in addition to your membership. We can carry out a review of your health and safety system and provide advice on areas for improvement, prior to completing your pre-qualification.  We can also provide in-house support to help you complete the pre-qualification. 


If you are interested in learning more about HazardCo Services you can give our 0800 number a call.

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