Improvement Notices: What’s the Deal?

Here at HazardCo, our aim is that every worker on a construction site comes home healthy and safe at the end of every day. 

That’s why we’re constantly on the button. Listening to you, listening to what’s going on out there on-site: your pain points, your concerns, your needs. Because who knows better about life on-site than the people out there on the ground doing the work?

Recently, we’ve heard a lot from our customers surrounding improvement notices – primarily around health monitoring and asbestos. 

Let’s take a closer look:


The nitty-gritty

In short, an improvement notice will require changes to be made to improve a risky situation (as identified by the regulator) within a certain time period. 

In accordance with the requirements outlined in the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, enforcement measures give a WorkSafe inspector power to issue improvement notices if they reasonably believe a person – 

  1. is contravening a provision of this Act or regulations; or
  2. is likely to contravene this Act or regulations.


Getting workers up to scratch

WorkSafe has recently identified a lack of knowledge and planning around the subject. Notably, the vagueness around procedures in place to identify asbestos materials, and more pressingly, creating plans of action in working safely with asbestos and how to have it removed.

Needless to say, this stuff is important and could and will save lives, so managers and workers need to get on board – sharpish.


Finding effective methods

A selection of our customers have been issued improvement notices by WorkSafe regulators. Off the back of this, they’ve had to develop a safe and effective method for determining the presence of asbestos before commencement of any demolition or renovation work.

And that’s where we come in. 

After following the guidance from our Advisory team and using HazardCo tools, WorkSafe were happy with the development of many of our customer’s procedures, agreeing that the improvement notice had been met and they wouldn’t be taking the matter any further. 


An empowered workforce

But this isn’t just about WorkSafe. It’s about our customers feeling they are informed enough to get on with their workday safely. With knowledge, comes a better and safer way of working – and this knowledge is what anyone working in hazardous situations deserves. 


With HazardCo as a tool of empowerment, resource and dedicated support, our customers have the information they need to keep their workers safe and to be fully compliant with ease.

Embedding positive health and safety practices around the country, we collaborate to educate – giving workers the power to be the best at their job they can. And what could be a better improvement than that?