Health and Safety sorted… in less time, with less paperwork

HazardCo was created by tradies, for tradies. After experiencing first hand what happened when on-site risks weren’t well managed, a couple of tradies decided it was time for a change and formed HazardCo. It’s designed to help tradies keep their health and safety sorted – making it simple and easy to manage but without cutting corners.

HazardCo’s smart online tools use everyday technology to help you cut back on paperwork, and saves you time by using straight forward templates and reports, which are full of tips and suggestions to give you the confidence you have it all covered.

You can use the HazardCo App on your smartphone to create a Risk Assessment, Site Review, Toolbox Meeting, Vehicle Checklist, or Accident Report. The App has easy to use tools that guide you through each of these activities, making them quick to complete anywhere, and at any time… all from the palm of your hand. HazardCo members enjoy the convenience of being able to stay on top of health and safety from anywhere on-site, or from the cafe over morning tea, or even on the couch at home after dinner.

What’s more, everyone on-site downloads the App for free; that’s your direct team, subbies, and any site visitors. At the site scan-in board, they use the App to scan the QR code on their way in and out of site every day, giving the main builder a record of who’s been on-site and when, without having to be there themself. Even better, the first time anyone scans into the site, they complete their site induction right there on their own smartphone – with no need for meetings or paperwork.

Complementing the App is the HazardCo Hub – the online tool where you set up new projects. Being online, you can login anywhere, anytime, and also use the Hub to view and download any completed health and safety activity reports, including site inductions, and to track who’s been on-site and when. 

Good health and safety is about more than just compliance; staying on top of your health and safety makes your site safer – simple as that. HazardCo’s smart tools save you time and paperwork, giving you the confidence you’re doing all you can to help keep your crew safe.

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Meeting your health and safety requirements shouldn’t be a chore. Instead, it should be an easy, functional and productive part of your day. With HazardCo, that is exactly what it becomes.

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