Get to Know: Risk Assessment and Site Reviews

If you cannot describe what you are doing as a process, you do not know what you are doing.’ – Edward Deming

Process has everything to do with health and safety at work, the building blocks you put in place to ensure you and your team are safe, everyday.

Health and safety is not about stopping any and all activities that may lead to harm, the work needs to get done. What you need to do is manage risk and establish processes to get safety to a state where reckless action is eliminated and hazards are meticulously monitored.

Get to know: Risk Assessment 

Before you start a task on any site, you need to identify any hazards that need to be controlled. The Risk Assessment feature on the HazardCo app empowers everyone to document these risks in real time, including any risks that pop up as the project progresses. 

Get to know: Site Review

Look at it this way, a safe site is a happy site. That begins with knowing what a safe site looks like. Not sure? The Site Review feature on the HazardCo app is here to help! It helps you carry out a thorough health and safety review of your site, capturing site activity with photos and comments, as well as what you should be looking for.

Both features are quick and easy to use, and slide right into your back pocket. 

What is good health and safety?

Treating risks as a priority, always. And it’s not about mountains of paperwork, read our previous blog post on how to plan, do, check and act to understand more on managing change on-site.

Good health and safety is due diligence and a commitment to it. Most essentially, this needs to have the support of top management, with worker involvement embedded in your company health and safety strategy. Strong communication and transparent leadership that empowers everyone. 

Establish a shared awareness of and a common purpose to keep one another safe and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get team members to act, assess and review consistently.  

The thing about safety…

It isn’t an end goal, it’s a mindset.

Risks change. Workers change. Environments change. Any processes surrounding health and safety in the workplace are continual, with room for improvement at an almost constant rate. So don’t think of it as a box to tick, but a way of thinking.

#SortYourSafety today.

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