Be prepared in case a notifiable event happens on your site

Notifiable events are one of the most frequently asked about topics for the HazardCo Advisory Team. As a tradie or a business owner, you have a legal obligation to report notifiable events to WorkSafe NZ – it sounds like a lot of paperwork right? Wrong. With HazardCo, the App helps you with reporting the accident or near miss easily, and then we can assist you with what to do next! 

By reporting all near misses and accidents on-site, everyone is working together to identify areas where you can better manage risks – it’s all about helping to prevent harm. Everyone on-site has a right to know of potential threats that may impact them, and everyone plays a role in protecting everyone else on-site. Getting everyone to report near misses and accidents creates a culture of open, honest discussions about health and safety.

No matter how big or small, report all near misses and accidents so you can all learn from it. Using the Report Incident feature on your HazardCo App, fill out the fields to capture what happened. Your completed report is available in the Hub, and HazardCo retains this for as long as you’re a member.

If medical treatment was required, it could be a notifiable event. So at this point the App will prompt you to call HazardCo, and our Advisory Team will talk you through what to do next and how to notify WorkSafe NZ. 

As well as taking photos of the accident scene, we’ll recommend you carry out a Site Review and communicate both the review and Accident Report findings to your own team and the wider site crew, by conducting a Toolbox Meeting – again via your HazardCo App.

Remember that it’s a legal requirement to keep these records for a minimum of 5 years so doing everything on the App helps ticks that box for you. 

We all dread an accident occuring, but if anything serious happens on your site it’s important you are prepared, remain calm, and do the right thing. When in doubt, call HazardCo – we are here to support the health and safety needs of all HazardCo members 24/7.

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