Ag & Hort: Unlocking success this summer season with the three C’s: Consult, Coordinate, Cooperate

As we dive into the late summer season, the agriculture, horticulture, and manufacturing sectors are buzzing with activity. There’s silage, hay, and seasonal harvests going on at the farms and big amounts of processing happening in the factories. Overall, the goal is to optimize productivity and get it done safely. 

At the heart of achieving this lies good communication.

At HazardCo, we make technical terms simple so let’s unpack something WorkSafe (H&S Regulator) drives at this time of year.

WorkSafe talks about the “three C’s”: Consult, Coordinate, and Cooperate. 

This is something you’re legally required to do at work, let’s look at how to turn it into something powerful and useful for you and your team.


Have a minute before you take to the paddocks or the floor to figure a few things out. Ask yourself, how will we all consult with our team and  the other businesses we’re working with to decide who will do what, when, and where? By being clear early on, everyone can share their thoughts on how to work in better and safer ways. You can also take this time to  address any concerns. Consultation sets the stage for the way forward, whether it’s through meetings, brainstorming sessions, or digital platforms. 


Coordination is about agreeing on the way forward in a coordinated way. 

For example, ask yourself, how will we communicate in the work environment to keep everyone on the same page? Will we use radios for places where you can’t get reception or can’t see each other?  How can we make our signage and procedures simple and clear for our manufacturing facilities? Coordination creates efficiency and clarity. By being clear on what you are using to communicate, when and what you will do, you can navigate big tasks with the ease and precision that we are so well known for in NZ.


Collaboration is essential, but so is accountability. Without it we are just saying things without action. Decide on who takes charge for where you are, and who ensures that the plan is executed effectively. Cooperation involves working together and also holding each other accountable for the results. Whether it’s appointing team leaders, conducting regular work observations, or creating and maintaining a culture of mutual support and feedback between your teams, cooperation done well results in a sense of ownership and commitment across the board.

In the agriculture and horticulture sectors, distance and terrain pose challenges, so investing in good communication tools like radios with enough power for your range or even sat comms becomes invaluable. Manufacturing is no different, overcoming obstacles like noise and visibility limitations requires proactive thought to keep teams connected, informed and flowing.

At HazardCo, we’re here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with our health and safety advisors. 

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