Cedar Estate Construction wanted to up their H&S game, so they could implement best industry practices for their business. That’s why they added Project Plus and HazardCo Consultancy Services to their HazardCo membership.

With HazardCo’s Consultancy Services, Cedar Estate had HazardCo’s expert H&S advisors come to their site, review their health and safety practices, and give the team easy to implement recommendations and practical advice that really made a difference. The Cedar Estate team has found that having a H&S expert come to their site to discuss their specific needs has helped them have a more pragmatic approach to safety. Lydia says it’s like having a health and safety advisor in your back pocket! 

Cedar Estate Construction has a lot of contractors coming and going on-site, and with Project Plus, Lydia has visibility of everything happening on-site and knows that everyone is working together using one common health and safety system. By giving all her subbies free access to the HazardCo App, Lydia knows that they are engaged in on-site health and safety and has seen an increase in reporting happening. Lydia says Project Plus has revolutionised their health and safety on-site!

“I know with my experience with health and safety training in the past, it can be a bit of a drag having to go to a one day course once a year. You get told the same things and it may not apply to your site. Having actually someone come here, have a look around, and pragmatically point out things you could be doing better is so much more helpful. Already we’ve found that with someone from HazardCo coming to site and showing us around that we have a more pragmatic approach to safety.”

Lydia Pack
Managing Director - Cedar Estate Construction
A word from Joe@HazardCo

Lydia and the team over at Cedar Estate Construction have seen some massive improvements to the way their Health & Safety has been planned and implemented on-site. Everybody is safer, and happier, time on the tools has gone up, and the amount of paperwork floating around in the back of the truck has gone down.

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Meeting your health and safety requirements shouldn’t be a chore. Instead, it should be an easy, functional and productive part of your day. With HazardCo, that is exactly what it becomes.

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