Working at Alert Level 1

Things are getting even closer to normal now we are at Alert Level 1, however, there are still things to consider:

  • Record keeping is key. So make sure you continue to scan in and out of your workplace every day.
  • Physical distance is not required when working with your team, however, consultation with the team should take place to ensure everyone has an opportunity to discuss. It is encouraged that you maintain a 1m distance when working around the public.
  • Hygiene and cleaning practices will remain in place, so make sure there’s hand sanitiser available and high touch areas are cleaned regularly. 
  • Don’t leave home if you are unwell. If you are showing signs of COVID-19 be sure to call healthline. 


How do I prepare for Alert Level 1?

Complete the new Alert Level 1 Task Analysis using the button below. It’s important that you review procedures to ensure they are active and effective – so familiarise yourself with the changes and complete this TA to ensure you and your team are prepared. You can find this in the download section of the website once you’re logged in.


Scan in and out

Access to contact tracing records is still key in the event of an outbreak, so nothing should change here. 

Builders: Everyone accessing the site must sign in and sign out at each visit. This includes couriers and deliveries, visitors, and clients.  The HazardCo QR code allows you as a business to provide details on contact tracing, should the Alert Level rise, or in case of COVID-19 case in your workplace. For more information check out CHASNZ guide for working at Alert Level 1 here.

Tradie: Using the HazardCo App, you can still keep a digital diary of your movements every time you complete a risk assessment – so make sure you and your team are set up with the HazardCo App! 


It’s recommended that as a business you give people the ability to track their movements so they can keep their own digital diary. So continue to scan in every day and complete an induction if you’re new to the workplace. For more information, check out the WorkSafe guide to ‘Operating Safely at Alert Level 1’.

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