So what will Alert level 3 look like?

The NZ government announced today, more detail on what Alert Level 3 will look like when they move us out of lockdown, a decision that will be announced on Monday April 20.

The biggest change you need to be aware of at Alert level 3 is that work will no longer be limited to essential work but will now open up to include work that can be done safely.

What does working safely look like?
  • Keep a one metre distance between workers 
  • Keep a record of where you work is and who is working together
  • Limit interaction between groups of workers for example, stagger meal breaks
  • Avoid sharing items and disinfect surfaces
  • Ensure everyone continues maintaining high hygiene standards including thoroughly washing hands.
If you’re entering a home or other workplace:
  • Keep a two metre distance with the occupants
  • Keep a record of where you have been and who you have been in contact with
  • Avoid sharing items and disinfect surfaces
  • Ensure you continue to maintain high hygiene standards including thoroughly washing your hands.

As a HazardCo member, you already have most of the things you need to work safely including the contactless QR code induction and sign-in & sign-out system which meets contact tracing requirements.

As well, we have updated your policy & procedure document and site specific safety plan that is now available.  We are also introducing a new product – a ‘stop the spread’ site board to remind people about safe working.

More detailed guidance will be provided over the coming days and we will continue to keep you updated on how this will affect you.

Keep an eye on your inbox next week and we will share more info on how to set yourself and your teams up to make sure you are all working safely when we move to Level 3.

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