Moving to Alert Level 3 – Real Estate

This afternoon, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that New Zealand will be moving down alert levels to Alert Level 3 from 11:59pm Tuesday 31st August. Auckland and Northland will remain in level 4, likely for a further two weeks. Cabinet will review this, and we will provide an update when we know more.


Who can open

At Alert Level 3, everyone should work from home if they can. Businesses that require close physical contact cannot open. 

All other businesses can operate, but with restrictions. This includes physical distancing, having extra hygiene measures and contactless options for ordering, pick-up, delivery and payment. If your business does not have measures in place to operate safely, then you should close.

Remember to have your NZ COVID Tracer app QR code displayed at your workplace entrance, at your viewing or on your work vehicle. To order a poster or reprint one, click here.


What does Alert Level 3 look like during open homes and viewing?

 For more information visit REA website.


Open homes are not allowed at alert level 3. Prospective buyers should view a property online (for example, by video) wherever possible. If this isn’t possible or practical, private viewings are allowed at alert level 3 under the following conditions.


Things to do to prepare for the viewing:

  • Create a NZ COVID Tracer app QR code for people to use when viewing a property. You must have one unique code for each property
  • Licensees should try to ensure that only buyers who are serious about making an offer or are in the process of making an offer are given a private viewing
  • There should be no more than two visits to a property per day, whether from prospective buyers or from professionals. Allow time to clean all surfaces between viewings
  • In the case of visits that are private viewings, there should be no more than two prospective buyers from the same extended bubble and the licensee at the viewing.
  • Prospective buyers cannot travel between regions for a private viewing
  • There should be no more than two people who must be from the same extended bubble plus the licensee at the viewing, and physical distancing should be maintained
  • The licensee should email COVID-19 safety information to prospective buyers before the viewing. It is the licensee’s responsibility to ask the property occupants and prospective buyers if anyone is unwell or has been in contact with a COVID-19 case
  • It is highly recommended that everyone attending a viewing wear a face covering
  • The vendor and property occupants (including tenants) must agree to the private viewing and must not be at the property during the viewing
  • Prospective buyers must pre-register for the private viewing. They must supply full contact details for possible COVID-19 contact tracing
  • People at high risk of COVID-19 (for example, older people or those with existing medical conditions), should not attend a private viewing, and private viewings should not take place in homes where any occupant is at high risk


During the viewing:

  • Display your NZ COVID Tracer app QR code in a prominent place next to every entrance for attendees to scan
  • Licensees should open all internal doors before the viewing to minimise surface contact. Only the licensee is to touch doors or surfaces in the home
  • Licensees should have hand sanitiser available.
  • Prospective buyers should wait in their car until the licensee is ready for the private viewing and should remove their shoes at the door
  • Prospective buyers must not touch any surfaces in the home. For example, if a prospective buyer wants to check the hot water pressure, the licensee must turn on the tap.

After the viewing the licensee must clean all surfaces that the licensee (or anyone else) comes into contact with during the viewing.

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