Manage COVID-19 with the latest HazardCo updates

We hope you’re all getting used to life in lockdown, and are safe and well as we adjust to the changes that COVID-19 has bought. 

Over the last 2 weeks the team here at HazardCo have been focused on updating our system to help protect you, your team and your business when you get back to the workplace.

Let’s start with our policy and procedures. 

We’ve added new sections to our policy and procedures which outline actions to be taken around ‘General Hygiene’ and Outbreak of infection/illness

You can find these changes under section 10. 

New additions include: 

  • General hygiene
  • Worker participation
  • Workplace
  • Physical distancing
  • PPE
  • Ventilation
  • Travelling

For a new copy of your P&P, please get in touch and give us a call on 0800 555 339. 


We’ve created a COVID-19 (Level 4) Task Analysis

We’ve created a new Task Analysis which is specifically designed for essential work at alert level 4 and COVID-19. 

We strongly recommend anyone who is completing essential works at Level 4, follows this TA.


Coming soon… 

We are currently working on another TA specifically for Alert Level 3 to support you when you head back into the workplace. We are following the latest advice and updates from the Ministry of Health and other official channels to ensure this is in line with best practice.

Once New Zealand moves out of lock down, we will make this TA available and let you know. 

We are about to release an update for our App, this update will include changes to the induction process, changes to the scan in feature, changes to SSSPs and a link to our COVID-19 page, so you see all the information you need straight from your phone. In the meantime, you can still access this information via the HazardCo Website COVID-19 page


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