Are You Okay Up There?

Working at heights isn’t for everyone. But for those doing their job at heights well above ground level, safety precautions need to be in place. 

When, either yourself or others, are working at heights it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure the safety of those working up there, and those on the ground. 

The reality is unsafe work or working conditions at heights can have devastating consequences. Even from a small height, fatalities are significant and reparations for businesses, severe. Preventing falls should be actively managed so that people working at height are kept safe.

Here’s how:


Work on the ground or a solid construction

If working at heights can be avoided it should be. Working from the ground is always the safest option and should be considered as the primary option. 


Use fall-prevention measures

If working from a height is necessary, you need to manage the risk of a fall. Fall prevention measures could be something like an elevated work platform, scaffolding or edge protection.


Use a harness system

A harness system enables a person to work supported in a way that prevents the person from falling e.g fall restraint system or industrial rope access. 


Good practice safety guidance

Review the WorkSafe practices for working at height – and provide your workers with simple safety guidelines and tools they can refer to daily. 


Help employees understand working at heights practice

Once they have the tools, it’s about ensuring your workers understand them. Reiterate the importance of procedures in toolbox meetings, provide training, and empower them to take care of one another on-site with reinforced messaging.


Consistency is key

It’s important you and your team are actively involved ensuring any work carried out at heights, is done in the safest way possible. Empower your team to speak up, and highlight unsafe working situations or practices, and swiftly act to handle them. 


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