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Why and How You Should Be Carrying Out On Site Inductions


Construction site inductions are required on every construction site.

That’s the way we like it. And you should too. 


For you, for your team, for the families waiting for you at home. Safety first, always. 

A site induction is a way of ensuring workers are aware of the risks and hazards that are involved in the job at hand, conducted at the start of each new project.

Because no two sites are the same. Each project comes with different teams, arrangements, types of work, environments, hazards, activities and layout. 

Everyone on site deserves a clear understanding of the risks involved. Site inductions are in place to protect people, so treat them with the respect they deserve.


We understand that there isn’t always a supervisor on site to carry out an induction. That’s why we put health and safety in everyone’s hands. 

The HazardCo app allows you to conduct a site induction easily and digitally – there for your whole team to see whenever they need to.

Our site induction features include a QR code that allows everyone to scan onsite and acknowledge the site specific safety plan.

With all relevant information for your site induction in one convenient place, workers know what the specific arrangements and rules are in place for the site/task they are working on.


You betcha. Carrying out site inductions the right way can save admin, heartache and lives. 

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