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What you need to know about the move to Alert Level 2


From midday 12 August, Auckland is moving into Alert Level 3 and the rest of New Zealand is moving to Alert Level 2.  This is for a period of 3 days so the Government can assess the current situation of community transmission and conduct widespread contact tracing.

The boundary for Alert Level 3 is Auckland’s super city limits. This is from Wellsford in the north to Pukekohe in the south, so if you live outside of this area you are now in Alert Level 2. This is what you need to know:


What does Alert Level 2 look like?

We’ve been here before, so we know the fundamentals and the restrictions that will be in place across residential construction sites. Here’s a recap of what you need to do: 

  • Hygiene – Wash your hands, sneeze into your elbow.
  • Inductions – Ensure anyone new to the workplace is aware of the safety protocols.
  • Health checks – Ask the questions to make sure everyone is feeling well before they start work.
  • Contact tracing – Use the QR code and HazardCo app to record people movements.
  • Physical distance – keep 1 metre away from others in your work bubble, and 2 metres distance with others outside of your bubble.

Just like the last time when we were at Alert Level 2, we need to make sure we carry out physical distancing. Different rules apply depending on the type of environment your in.

If the environment is controlled, such as a workplace where COVID can be managed, a 1 metre distance can be in place. If it’s an uncontrolled environment, such as a public place where COVID cannot be managed, you should remain a 2 metre distance from others. 

What’s considered a controlled environment?

  • Hand sanitising/cleaning is required.
  • Frequent cleaning – including between different groups in an area.
  • Physical distance is managed.
  • Groups are contained and not mixing.
  • Health check questions are asked.
  • Contact tracing – including keeping a record (name, phone and physical address) of people.

If none of the above is in place, this is considered an ‘uncontrolled environment’ and you should always keep a 2 metre distance from others. 


How HazardCo can help

As a HazardCo member, you already have the things you need to work safely. This includes the contactless QR code induction and sign-in, sign-out system which meets contact tracing requirements. COVID controls on your Site Review in the HazardCo App, and your Policy & Procedure document and Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) are already updated to reflect these changes. 

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