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Here’s what you need to work safely at Alert Level 2


As we approach Monday’s decision on when New Zealand will move into Alert Level 2, we want to give you a head start to give you time to get prepared for these changes.

What you need to know

The changes required to move from Alert Level 3 down to Alert Level 2 aren’t too drastic for us in the Construction industry, however there is a key change regarding how our bubbles will now work. To break it down, Alert Level 2 will now consist of three bubbles.

  1. Your family bubble and those you can keep close contact with.
  2. Your work bubble. Maintaining a 1 metre physical distance for those you work with
  3. Public bubble. Maintaining a 2 metre physical distance for members of the public and strangers.
Update your TA for work at Alert Level 2

So you can prepare everything you need for the move to Alert Level 2, here’s your new Task Analysis (TA) for working at Alert Level 2. Familiarise yourself with the changes and complete this TA to ensure you are prepared.

Task Analysis Alert Level 2

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