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COVID-19 Alert Levels


Earlier today, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern addressed the nation to inform us that effective immediately the COVID-19 alert system has been increased to level 3, and will move to level 4 in 48 hours. 

One of the biggest impacts is that non essential businesses will need to close. At this stage, we are investigating what is classed as a non-essential and essential business, and we’ll update you on that as soon as we know more. 

What we know so far: 

Level 3 – for 48 hours

We strongly recommend that over the next 48 hours, you work to put measures in place that will allow you to temporarily pause business.

Tips for securely closing your worksite: 

  • Make sure the workplace is fenced/closed off from the public.
  • Secure and stack all materials to prevent them from falling.
  • Make sure you have signage to warn of any potential dangers. 
  • Make sure all boundaries are secure.
  • Securely covered or fenced off any areas of excavation.
  • Immobilise all mobile plant to prevent unauthorised use.
  • All flammable or dangerous substances to be locked away in secure storage.
Level 4

Essential businesses such as supermarkets, doctors, pharmacy, service stations, will still be available and open at all alert levels. All non-essential businesses are to be closed until we receive further instruction from the Government. Their current advice is that these measures will remain in place for about four weeks.

Below is a link to the Government’s alert levels and what they mean.


COVID-19 Alert Levels


We understand and are experiencing ourselves a sense of uncertainty and concern about the future. At HazardCo we believe Health and Safety is essential and will continue to to support you and your business. If you have any questions or concerns, as always, please call us on 0800 555 339.

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