Working together for Health & Safety this October

October is National Safe Work Month, with this year’s theme centered around Work Health and Safety through COVID-19. It is a time to acknowledge and reflect on the huge impact that COVID-19 has had on Australian businesses, employers, and workers, and reinforce our commitment to improving health and safety in the workplace.

2020 has been an unprecedented year, with the emergence of COVID-19 threatening our health and livelihoods. Workplaces have been required to quickly adapt how they work to reduce the risks that come from COVID-19 – and the construction industry is no different. 

In a COVID-19 world, the ability to track people’s movements makes completing inductions more important than ever. Contact tracing is a hot topic right now, and although it may seem hard to manage, HazardCo’s contactless solution makes it easy.

The HazardCo QR Code and Mobile App allow you to manage health and safety simply throughout your working day. Inductions, SWMS, risk assessments, site reviews, and more…  COVID-19 contact tracing and contactless inductions!

Why are Inductions important?

For you, for your team, for the families waiting for you at home. Safety first, always.

A site induction ensures everyone is aware of the hazards and risks that are involved on the job because no two jobs are the same. Each job comes with different teams, arrangements, types of work, environments, risks, activities, and layout.

Our contactless induction feature includes a QR code that allows everyone to scan in and out, acknowledge that they have read the planning document as well as asking all the important COVID-19 health check questions. In case of an outbreak on your site, this information is key!

How to simplify your induction process?

We understand that there isn’t always someone available to carry out an induction. That’s why we put health and safety in everyone’s hands.

The HazardCo system allows you to conduct a site induction easily and digitally – there for your whole team to see whenever they need to. It’s been freshly updated to support contact tracing to ensure you, your team, and your contractors are kept safe before you enter the site.

Getting started

Following key safety measures in a COVID-19 world can save admin, heartache, and lives. So check out our quick tips to help get you started:

  • Make sure you have a planning document in place before you start the job – use this in conjunction with your CovidSafe plan  to keep on top of all health and safety risks onsite.
  • Ensure all visitors and workers are inducted onsite, and scan in and out every time thereafter, this includes the COVID-19 health and contact tracing questions on arrival at the workplace.
  • Carry out a Risk Assessment using our HazardCo App

Empowering workers to save lives. The HazardCo team provides you with the tools and support you need to sort your safety. If you need a hand getting started or would like more information, get in touch with the friendly HazardCo team today – we’re always happy to help.

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Meeting your health and safety requirements shouldn’t be a chore. Instead, it should be an easy, functional and productive part of your day. With HazardCo, that is exactly what it becomes.

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