We’ve teamed up with LinkSafe to bring contractor management to home builders throughout Australia and New Zealand

We are pleased to announce we have teamed up with LinkSafe, a leading specialist in compliance management solutions for well-known companies across construction, health, and manufacturing.


We have worked closely with LinkSafe to create a contractor management solution designed especially for the needs of Australian and New Zealand home builders.


HazardCo Contractor Management – Powered by LinkSafe provides HazardCo members with a full health and safety management system, including an automated system for the pre-qualification of companies and pre-site induction of workers. The system integrates with existing on-site scan-boards, sending alerts to the appropriate people if a worker scans in who hasn’t completed the induction process.


David Erczmann, General Manager of LinkSafe Australia, says, “this partnership brings the best of LinkSafe into the HazardCo solution. Together, we have a comprehensive product that provides a full health and safety management solution to home builders across the spectrum, big and small.


Builders have a responsibility to make sure all their contractors are good to go, before they come on site. This includes checks such as if they are insured, licensed, and have a health and safety system in place. Automated and simplified, HazardCo Contractor Management will reduce the time spent requesting, chasing, and checking documentation.


Luke Williams, General Manager of HazardCo Australia, says, “We are excited to deliver an end-to-end health and safety management solution to homebuilders regardless of their size. Contractor management solutions have previously only been within reach of large construction companies with the resources to have a custom solution. We have developed a solution that is accessible to all building companies, providing them with ready-to-go time-saving tools and confidence that their contractors are approved to come on site.”


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