Victoria vaccination requirements

Here is a bit of extra info about the Covid-19 construction rules that came into play prior to the construction shut down in metropolitan Melbourne and what you can do now, to hit the ground running when the construction industry reopens. 

Encourage your crew and contractors to get vaccinated as soon as possible
When construction reopens, all construction workers on a construction site must have:

  • one dose of a Covid-19 vaccination 
  • or received a medical exemption 

Bookings can be made on the government website, through a GP (we recommend using the HotDoc app to find available slots) or you can simply walk up select vaccination centres during certain times.


If you are responsible for a site or an employer, you are responsible for checking the vaccine status of workers on-site 

  • You must record the name of the worker, their vaccination status, who sighted evidence of compliance, the date the evidence was sighted, and what the evidence was
  • You are not required to store a copy of the evidence provided by the worker 

What vaccination evidence can be accepted?   

  • One dose vaccine evidence: Immunisation history statement 
  • Two dose vaccine evidence: Covid-19 digital certificate 
  • Booking evidence: Confirmation of the booking
  • Medical exemption evidence: Exemption must be certified by a specified medical practitioner 
  • If your workers are unsure how to provide evidence of their vaccination status, please send them to this link

Required training for Covid-19 marshals 

  • All sites must have a trained Covid marshal who is responsible for ensuring the site follows the site’s CovidSafe Plan, everyone on site scans in using the Service Victoria app and provides evidence of their vaccination status 
  • On a small-scale construction site, a supervisor or manager can perform the role of Covid Marshal, you don’t need to have a separate Covid Marshal
  • The online training is free and only takes 20 minutes. Although the summary of the training page states it is for the health industry, this is the training the Victorian government recommends for the construction industry.  


Update your CovidSafe Plan with how you will action the new restrictions

  • Worker shift bubbles must be in practice, including staggering start, finish and break times, to reduce the mixing of workers in different bubbles
  • Food and drink (other than water) can’t be consumed inside. This is to reduce COVID-19 transmission between workers without masks on 

Please note, we’ve updated the HazardCo app to ask workers if they meet the vaccine requirements when they scan-in

When your workers scan into site using the HazardCo app, they are asked a number of Covid-19 related questions such as if they have been to an exposure site or have flu-like symptoms. They will now also be asked to confirm “I meet all local vaccination requirements and declare my evidence (if required) to be valid at the time of submission.”

Please make sure your workers are up to speed with the latest vaccination requirements so they correctly answer this question at scan in.

We will be in touch if this information is updated or changed. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our advisory team if you would like further information on the Covid-19 restrictions and how they impact you. Give us a call on 1800 954 702 or email

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