Scanning into site every day just got a whole lot quicker

Here at HazardCo, we always want to be better, and the HazardCo team has been working hard to deliver the latest update which focuses on the scanning in and out feature on our HazardCo App.


Taking onboard feedback from our valued members, our new App update makes it even easier to get everyone using the free HazardCo App to scan in and out of site, each and every day.


What’s changed?
Your team and wider crew won’t have to enter their details every time – just the once, saving them more time so they can get onto the tools.


If it’s your first time on-site
The first time anyone scans into any HazardCo site, they will need to enter their details and complete their site induction. If they already have a HazardCo account, their details will be pre-populated.


Every time after that
For any site that they have visited before, they won’t be asked if it’s their first site visit as the App will remember them and their logged details.


The App will now ask you to contact your site supervisor if your responses aren’t satisfactory e.g. if you are showing COVID symptoms.


The updates to the App are here now, so if you don’t allow automatic App updates on your smartphone, you’ll need to update the App from the App Store or Google Play. Easy as that.


Lastly, tell everyone! Your next Toolbox Meeting is a great time to get your team and subbies to update the HazardCo App on their smartphone and remind them to scan in and out of site, every time.


Simply scanning in gives people a useful daily reminder to beware of health and safety – and we all know the more we think about it, the more we look out for and prevent risks. Getting everyone doing their bit shares the load when it comes to health and safety on-site. It’s a win-win!

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Meeting your health and safety requirements shouldn’t be a chore. Instead, it should be an easy, functional and productive part of your day. With HazardCo, that is exactly what it becomes.

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