Stop the spread with contact tracing and contactless inductions

From 11.59pm on July 8, the metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will enter Stage 3 “Stay at home” restrictions until August 19. For the rest of the state outside of the restricted postcodes, some additional restrictions have been put in place. As construction is classed as work you cannot do from home,  it can continue, but there are measures that need to be in place to ensure the safety of workers and to stop the spread of COVID-19. 


We’ve become very familiar with our new normal, but refreshing key safety measures in a COVID-19 world can save lives, so make sure your site has the following in place. 

  • An up to date CovidSafe plan.
  • Everyone has completed a contactless induction or has scanned in/out using the HazardCo App which already includes the COVID-19 health and contact tracing questions.
  • Everyone is washing their hands prior to entering your workplace and regularly throughout the day.
  • The work area is set up, including a COVID-19 Safety Board displayed to show the site guidelines.
  • A 4 space is maintained per person or a distance of 1.5m between people.
  • Equipment that is shared between workers or communal areas is frequently cleaned both before and after use.


At HazardCo we’re continually improving our digital system to help support you and your business through COVID-19, so we recommend you check out all of our features to make your working day a whole lot simpler. 


Contact Tracing

As part of our contactless induction and scan in feature, the HazardCo App asks the all-important COVID-19 health check questions prior to entering your site. It also captures contact information so you have a record that meets contact tracing requirements. 


Order your signage

Need a simple way to inform contractors and visitors of your safety procedures? We’ve got you covered with our Hygiene Hazard boards. Place your board at the site entrance so anyone who enters the site knows the drill. Members can purchase these for $35 ex GST per board.


If you need a hand getting set up with a QR code for your site you can call our customer success team on 1800 954 702. (7am – 3pm AEST)

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Meeting your health and safety requirements shouldn’t be a chore. Instead, it should be an easy, functional and productive part of your day. With HazardCo, that is exactly what it becomes.

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