Metro Melbourne now in stage four with new restrictions

On Monday, Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews addressed the state to inform us that there are new restrictions for Metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, including the Mitchell Shire which will remain in stage 3. 

At 11.59pm on Wednesday, August 5, all businesses except those outlined in category one and three must close. At 11.59pm on Friday, August 7, residential construction will need to scale back and there will be a maximum limit of 5 people per site. If your site is still operating with the maximum of 5 people on-site you must have a full COVID Safe Plan in place. For more information on what needs to be included in a COVID Safe Plan click here.

This means that unless you are completing essential work OR you are one of the 5 people allowed on a residential building site, you need to remain at home. If your work can be completed remotely from your home, you must. If you are going to a site for work, keep in mind you may only visit one site per day.

As a HazardCo member, you already have most of the things you need to work safely including the contactless QR code induction and sign-in and sign-out system which meets contact tracing requirements.

The Victorian Premier says more announcements will be made this week with regards to a new permit system. This will help both you and your employees to identify where and why you are traveling for work if you are moving around during stage 4.

The new restrictions also require all distribution and logistics providers to reduce by one third, so we are anticipating significant delays on the delivery of our QR boards.


Below is a link to the Government’s latest information.


We understand and are experiencing ourselves a sense of uncertainty and concern about the future. At HazardCo we believe Health and Safety is essential and will continue to to support you and your business.

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