Construction restrictions in Victoria

The Vic govt has announced new restrictions for the construction industry to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. 


It’s important to us that you’re safe and understand the restrictions in place, so get in touch if you have any questions.    


Construction restrictions in Metropolitan Melbourne

  • Construction remains open
  • Everyone on-site must have a permit, certified by their employer from 11.59pm on Tuesday. Get your permit. 

Small scale construction sites:

See the definition of small-scale construction site 

  • Limit movement between sites. Supervisors can move between sites and specialist contractors can move between up to three sites per week. 
  • Up to five people plus a supervisor on-site at any time.
  • One worker per four m2 of enclosed workspace.

Early-stage residential land development sites:

See the definition of residential land development

  • Up to 10 workers per hectare.

Maintenance on occupied homes can only continue if:

  • It’s essential for the continued operation of essential infrastructure and services that are required for human health, safety, and wellbeing.
  • Critical repairs to any premises where required for emergency or safety.    
  • Electricity, gas, water, sewage and waste and recycling services and their maintenance.  This includes services to ensure solar or battery supply at off-grid premises. 
  • Workers must avoid contact with residents.
  • If the work is performed solo and outdoors, non-essential repairs, maintenance, installations and other building works can continue. 
  • Note, an apartment is only considered unoccupied where all apartments in the building are empty. 

Maintenance on unoccupied homes:

  • If the home is unoccupied then renovations can continue, following the rules for small scale construction restrictions. 


Construction restrictions in regional Victoria

  • All indoor and outdoor construction and renovation work can continue at occupied and unoccupied premises. 
  • Office-based work is capped at 25 per cent or a maximum of 10 people, whichever is greater. You can have a maximum of one person per four square metres in shared spaces and public areas.

Covid-safe regulations for all construction in Victoria 

  • Face masks continue to be mandatory both inside and outside.
  • Minimise car-pooling to and from work, except in limited circumstances.
  • Remember, you must have a COVIDSafe plan in place, you can access the template here and must use the Victorian government QR code to scan in and out of site.
  • Maximise ventilation wherever possible, such as opening windows and doors. 
  • Clean high-touch services twice a day. 
  • If you become aware of a known case of covid-19 at your workplace, give us a call and we will walk you through the next steps.
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