How It Works

Keeping your people safe: It’s simple. You join us

Your HazardCo Health and Safety subscription provides a complete health and safety system with practical and online tools, a customised health and safety policy and a set of procedures. What’s more, at no extra charge, you get unlimited access to expert advice and support from our health and safety team who are great at answering any safety question. If the worst should happen and you have an incident at your workplace, rest assured we'll be here for you, any time of the day or night.

The HazardCo system can help you meet your health and safety responsibilities, and make the process easy.

Your HazardCo Health and Safety subscription includes:

  • A free expert health and safety advice service, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
  • 24/7 accident support service
  • A step-by-step guide to implementing your health and safety plan
  • Access to all the forms and templates you need – online and hard copy
  • Worker and visitor health and safety Induction Cards
  • A health and safety staff training plan template
  • A set of Hazard Cards to help identify and manage hazards
  • Monthly vehicle checklist
  • Safety meeting checklist
  • An emergency plan template and an accident process
  • A free online training course for one person to help you implement and manage your health and safety responsibilities.

Ongoing membership ensures you will continue to get support and advice whenever you need it (at no additional charge). You will receive updates to ensure your health and safety programme remains fully compliant and up to date.

FACT: Companies with a strong commitment to health and safety are more productive

Staff feel good about where they work because the company genuinely cares about their health, safety and wellbeing. This deeper worker-employer connection translates directly into increased productivity.

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